Vincent Baek
Mandarin/Oral English/Oral Korean

Native language: Mandarin
Other Languages: English, Korean
Currently living in: China
Skype name: vincentbsw

  Let me tell you about myself.

I'm really good at teaching pronunciation, the three languages I'm speak, I managed to speak them not only fluently, but also without accent. I've taught myself and trained myself to speak, I made progress and mistakes, so I know exactly the details of the differences of the pronunciation of the three.

Without studying abroad, without talking with native speakers frequently, I survived and successfully trained myself to speak the standard accent in the art education, I can smell the difference between the right and wrong, and I can X-Ray the structure of the students' mouth and tongue in my mind, see the reason of the mistakes, and fix it. So the key to pronounce English correctly is not a native tutor, not countless reading and writing, it's something else.

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